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Sports Performance Therapy

Benefits, Methods, and More.
Athletic Performance Training at Advanced Physical Therapy and Wellness

About Sports Performance Therapy.

Sports performance therapy is designed to improve all aspects of athleticism, including agility, endurance, strength, speed, power, and balance. By working on all of these areas, you will become more well-rounded and better prepared to succeed. If you, your child, or your team are looking to improve their physicality, technique, and movements on the field or court, we’ll help you maximize your potential. We’ve worked with current D1 athletes, school & travel teams, and more in a variety of sports. 

No matter your area of focus, our therapists will help you achieve your goals of becoming a better athlete. We recommend sports performance therapy for athletes who want to:


Benefits of Sports Performance Therapy.

Thrive on the field, court, or putting green with personalized sports performance training at Advanced Physical Therapy. We integrate new and reliable techniques so you reach peak performance by enhancing your agility, endurance, and strength. 

We care about your success! When you visit us, our therapists will work with you to improve your performance and achieve your goals.

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What To Expect From Therapy.

When you start with us, our therapists will address your areas of focus by assessing your needs and developing a personalized strategy to enhance your performance after every session. Every patient visiting Advanced Physical Therapy can expect:

Strengthening Exercises

Our therapists will help you strengthen specific groups of muscles to decrease the risk of injuries.

Heat & Cold Therapy

We use heat and cold therapy to reduce pain, increase circulation, and heal injured tissues.

Soft Tissue Manipulation

By using soft tissue manipulation, we can improve your mobility and increase circulation.